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Mars Exploration

Want to be a Mars Explorer? Discover the harsh Mars environment and some of the ways humans are exploring the red planet. Using NASA's Perseverance Rover and Ingenuity Helicopter as inspiration, students will design their own Mars exploration mission and the vehicles they'll need to fulfil their goals. 

Inclusions: Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt, and more fun

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Mars Base 1

Imagine working at NASA’s first ever Mars science base – Mars Base 1. What work will you do? What will you wear? How will you communicate with Earth? Tackling some of NASA’s current issues, students will fire their imaginations and develop their problem-solving skills working to answer these questions and more!  

Inclusions: Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt and more fun

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It's a Mars Life

Inclusions: Launch Kit with Space Academy t-shirt and more fun


What would it be like to live on Mars? Using their knowledge of Mars and sustainability know-how, students will learn how to support the first-ever Mars human colony. Exploring human needs to survive on the harsh red planet, students will design sustainable systems for energy, drinking water, food and waste. 

Available in December

Available NOW!

Available NOW!

"It is a great learning experience and it was very fun to collaborate with others around our age. It was overall extremely fun too."

Saptha, Sacre Coeur

"Great experience. My daughter loved it - pitched to extend imagination, interactive and fun. She looked forward to it everyday and can't wait for the next one."

Parent, Mentone Primary School

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The Ultimate Applied STEM Courses

Comprehensive and Exciting Courses

Effective and Unique Course Delivery

Personal Development Integration

  • Live online coaching 

  • Student driven inquiry

  • Developed by CASE - the space education experts

  • Explore and solve real-world space problems using STEM

  • Design engineering process

  • Fun hands-on activities in the comfort of your home

  • Growth mindset for success

  • Seven Survival Skills - the transferrable 21st century skills set 

  • Opportunity to meet NASA experts in live webinars

Why STEM skills are essential for future success

"75% of the fastest-growing occupations will require STEM skills"

Research by PwC

21st century STEM Skills. Fun Activities. CASE Space Academy.  

Authentic space

hands-on activities

Personal Development 

Build 21st century skills

Applied STEM


Highly engaged and confident STEM learners

Empower your child for their future success, enroll now


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